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The visit to Saona Island is the trip that everybody suggests when they realize that you are visiting the Dominican Republic, it truly is a paradise on earth !

, practically unspoiled for its scenes and the straightforwardness of its waters.

Saona Island is situated in the southeastern finish of the Dominican Republic, is the biggest of the Dominican Republic’s islands, is a piece of the Eastern National Park and

fills in as a haven for a few types of transitory feathered creatures.

Initially its name was “Adamanay”, is a native crude name.

On the second journey from Don Christopher Columbus to Hispaniola Island, he was joined by an Italian from Savona, an Italian district.

This Italian was the person who found the Island and Don Christopher Columbus needed to purify through water his respect, calling it with the name: “Savona Island”.

For a considerable length of time, the occupants of the Island were the name hard to articulate, motivation behind why they changed the name for: “Isla Saona”.

Saona Island additionally has intriguing caverns, for example, Cotubanama named in memory of the glad indigenous head of this locale who was caught by the Spanish winners and executed in Santo Domingo.

One of only a handful not many populated territories of this national park, Saona Island has a beautiful settlement called Mano Juan.

This fishing town with its pastel wood houses is likewise a specialty place.

On Saona Island we will discover kilometers of singular sea shores with perfectly clear white sands and encompassed by a large number of coconut palms, we can discover a

few buckles that review the nearness of the local Tainos, coral reefs perfect for plunging and fish and shellfish ranches, Has the “Common Pool”, is a region of completely clear

water that can be found out of sight countless species, for example, the stars of ocean among others, and fowls, for example, flamenco.

There are 112 types of fowls inside the restrictions of the recreation center, half of which relate to species in the nation.

Of this aggregate, 8 species are endemic to the island and 11 endemic types of the Caribbean region.

The manatee is a marine well evolved creature at risk for annihilation.

Saona Island has a surface region of 110 km/sq, its populace, which is amassed in the town of Mano Juan, is of roughly 500 occupants with just 69 places of

families, live of the fishing and are neighborly, benevolent and open with the Visitors, remember to bring some candy for the children, they love it.

The sea shores of Isla Saona were chosen among the best sea shores of the Caribbean via Caribbean Travel and Life magazine.

Its sea shores are dynamite, pristine, with lavish palm trees and turquoise waters that make them one of the most delightful locales of the Dominican Republic.

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